Gotamago x Outpost Coffee: Steeped Coffee Bags
July 20, 2022

Gotamago x Outpost Coffee: Steeped Coffee Bags

The single serve coffee solution 

Coffee made to be enjoyed sustainably, one steep at a time!

For years, I’ve been dreaming of creating beautiful, Toronto-themed packaging for single-serve, on-the-go coffee pour-overs, which are popular in Asia but for some reason are less known here in Canada. When I was living in Japan and Taiwan, I would buy them just for their package design (often limited editions and produced by indie cafes) and mail them overseas to family and friends as a souvenir. However, I didn’t like the idea of packaging as waste, and so stored the idea away…until I casually mentioned it to Troy of @outpostcoffee.

Troy loved the idea and immediately started looking into its viability. Two years later, we are proudly launching the Toronto Lines Steeped Coffee Bag.


A photograph of our steeped coffee collaboration. A coffee brew bag sitting on top of it's packaging, showing off the Toronto illustration.

The Method

These coffee bags can be brewed in a similar way to traditional tea bags -- steep to your desired strength, and enjoy. No specialty equipment is needed, which makes them very travel friendly! Make coffee anytime, anywhere, in minutes - all you need is hot water and a cup. Here's a helpful video on how to make the perfect brew!


The Packaging

For the design, we had to choose our ever-popular illustration, Toronto Lines. This classic design is bound to be loved by the cartography lover or Torontonian!
One of our favourite things about this collab is the packaging -- we're very eco-friendly and sustainability focused, and we love that every coffee bag is 100% compostable.

A hand holding up a single brew coffee bag, featuring a black and white illustration of downtown Toronto.

When you're finished brewing the perfect cup, you can simply put the entire packaging into your compost or biodegradable waste bin. Each coffee bag is made with no toxic inks, no metal staples or plastic!


About Outpost Coffee


Outpost Coffee Roasters is a specialty-grade small batch, craft coffee roastery here in Toronto.


Outpost embraces the unique characteristics of coffee, and how flavours vary throughout the seasons - looking at coffee how others may look at fine wine! They roast everything locally here in the city, and have turned their passion into a business of their own, roasting coffee since 2006. 


Shop Online


You can find these Toronto Lines steeped coffee bags via our retail website at Silver Antelope, or via Outpost Coffee if you want to order them in bulk!