Intro to Modern Calligraphy with Pointed Pen
March 30, 2023

Intro to Modern Calligraphy with Pointed Pen

Next Workshop: *POSTPONED* Saturday, May 23rd, 2020, 1:00-4:00pm 

Place: Gotamago Studio-Shop
Cost: $90; please purchase tickets via Eventbrite
Maximum participants: 8


Join us on February 22nd for a 3 hour basic pointed pen calligraphy workshop hosted by the very talented, Claudia Chan, from Kokoro no Melody.

This calligraphy workshop is designed for complete beginners with no prior experience. Pointed-pen calligraphy can be intimidating and difficult to tackle in the beginning, that’s why this workshop is divided into specific, bite-size sections to help you easily understand and master each technical aspect. 



In this session, we will go through the tools and show you how to prepare a pointed pen, how to tackle each stroke one by one, and how to put those strokes together to form lower case letters and compose words. 

The course fee includes your Starter Writing Kit, which includes all the best items curated and handpicked by Claudia! It includes:

♥ Kokoro no Melody Modern Calligraphy Workbook

♥ One Calligraphy pen holder

♥ One Zebra G calligraphy nib

♥ A jar of sumi black ink



Class size is limited so Claudia can provide all participants with ample amount of attention to guide you through this process, and offer a lot of feedback and tips. 

Come and challenge yourself to learn the beautiful art of pointed pen calligraphy. 


**In an effort to make the space comfortable for everyone, please avoid the use of perfumes and fragrances.

Bonus: on the day of the workshop, participants will get 10% off all regularly-priced merchandise in our studio-shop.


About our Host: 

Claudia is a radiation therapist (use radiation to treat cancer patients) by day, a mom to an active and adorable 2 year old son, and a calligrapher by night. Calligraphy means beautiful writing, but for Claudia it holds more meaning than that. It is a means for her to share stories and connect with others, whether it is a quote to inspire other people, or wedding vows to bring two people together, which is the main reason why she loves calligraphy. Claudia understands that pointed pen calligraphy can be tricky to master, but she strives to teach it in a way that makes it easy for her students to understand, so that they can get a chance to discover and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of calligraphy, and fall in love with this beautiful art. 

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