Planning on Paper Workshop
January 30, 2019

Planning on Paper Workshop

Next Workshop: Saturday, April 27th, 2019, 1:00-3:30pm
Place: Gotamago Studio-Shop
Cost: $25; please purchase tickets via Eventbrite
Maximum participants: 10

Planning on Paper Workshop

Please join us for an afternoon of learning and inspiration with bullet journaling and planning on paper! Have you heard a bit about bullet journals (or "BuJos") and want to know more? Maybe you can already feel those New Year’s resolutions slipping away, and would love to learn how planning on paper can keep you committed and on track for life goals both big and small? In this workshop you'll learn about a variety of BuJo layout and tracking options, and receive step by step guidance on creating a planner that works for you.

This workshop is led by Kat Akerfeldt, whose informative and relaxed workshops are where our own Studio Manager, Melody, first learned to love this system that’s a little bit day planner, a little bit journal, and a little bit whatever you want it to be.

Washi tapes

What to bring:

We will supply everything you need except for your actual journal. (See "What kind of Notebook do I need?" below for some tips on how to choose your journal!) You may want to bring a favourite pen, but we'll have lots of supplies to help make your new BuJo feel like home, including pens, stamps & ink pads, stencils, and washi tape.

**In an effort to make the space comfortable for everyone, please avoid the use of perfumes and fragrances. 

Bonus: on the day of the workshop, participants will get 10% off all regularly-priced merchandise in our studio-shop.

Bullet Journaling

What is Bullet Journaling?

Bullet journalling is part day planner, part diary, with activity tracking, to-do lists, and reminders thrown in. Your BuJo can be bare bones for those who just want to get organized, and -- more importantly -- stay that way with minimal time and effort. Feeling more creative? Then express yourself on each page with washi tape, coloured pens, different tracking methods and layouts. Not sure? Just start slow; after all this journal is for you, not Pinterest. Add or delete features until you find what works for you.

Bullet Journaling to achieve your goals
What kind of notebook do I need?

Almost any notebook and pen combo will work! Kat advises notebooks with 250 or more pages, so they don’t fill up too fast, and one that’s sturdy enough to be carried almost everywhere. It’s helpful to have pre-numbered pages, a feature which makes the Leuchturm 1917 a BuJo crowd favourite. (Ask Kat to pronounce Leuchturm. She practiced!) Other popular brands are Moleskine, Muji, and Rhodia, which can be found at bookstores like Indigo, or art supply shops like Midoco and DeSerres. Besides the cover art and the feel of the paper, think about the page style you might prefer. Many notebooks come with a choice of blank, lined, graph, or dot grid pages. An informal poll conducted by Melody among her BuJoing friends shows that dot grid is the most popular. The dots offer the writing guidance of a lined page while also helping you easily draw vertical lines. This comes in handy if you are making a habit tracker or text boxes.

Bullet Journal example layout

More about Toronto's First Post Office

Kat Akerfeldt TFPOKat Akerfeldt is the owner of Edgar & Martha, as well as Executive Director at Toronto's First Post Office, a museum, a National Historic Site, and full-function post office that is dedicated to sharing the timeless joys of ink and paper. She has been leading planner workshops since 2016, and has been interviewed about paper-based productivity on CBC Radio and in the Toronto Star.






Workshop Photography by Andrew Tolson.