Visible Mending Workshop with Stacey Sproule
January 02, 2020

Visible Mending Workshop with Stacey Sproule

Next Workshop: Saturday, February 29th, 2020, 1:00-3:30pm 
Place: Gotamago Studio-Shop
Cost: $65; please purchase tickets via Eventbrite
Maximum participants: 10

Visible Mending

'Mend with wisdom, mend with love. It will mend the earth at the same time.' - Yoko Ono

Ever ripped a pair of cherished jeans? Busted the elbows out of the most comfortable button-down? Moth holes in a wool skirt? It was not that long ago most people mended out of necessity. Now we live in a world where we are drowning in 'fast and cheap' options rendering clothing nearly disposable. To address sustainability in the fashion world we need to all re-commit to mending, as an act of rebellion, as a way to position ourselves in line our values. Mending is powerful, and empowering!

Visible Mending

In this 2.5 hour workshop join Stacey Sproule in the discussion of mending philosophy, why mending is an important skill to have, learn about how to mend garments visibly with intricate Japanese Sashiko patterns, and learn quick and easy visible mends. All participants are encouraged to bring a ripped garment that needs repairs (woven fabrics work best, ie-jeans, button-up shirts, cotton dresses and skirts, any garment with minimal stretch.) No stitching experience necessary- all other materials will be provided. 

**In an effort to make the space comfortable for everyone, please avoid the use of perfumes and fragrances. 

Bonus: on the day of the workshop, participants will get 10% off all regularly-priced merchandise in our studio-shop.

Visible Mending


Stacey SprouleStacey Sproule is an artist, florist, tarot reader and lifelong embroiderer living and working in Toronto. Her work is centered around cycles and a deep commitment to experimentation and process. Her lifelong project is holding respect for and collaborating with the earth.  She is an interdisciplinary soul who sees the inter-connectivity in everything.