Gotamago values integrity.

For us, it’s not solely about the artwork; it’s about creating a company based
on solid values of ethics and craftsmanship. Here’s what we stand for:

Reason For Being

We are letter-writers and storytellers. Our products reflect our belief in (and the power of) correspondence, the kind that comes directly from the hand to the heart.

Local Partnerships

Our production partners are artists and craftspeople. We choose to work only with North American manufacturers whose integrity and values align with our own.

Environmental Responsibility

We choose to incorporate recycled materials in our products whenever possible. We actively seek ways to minimize waste in our package designs and shipping materials.


We only make things that we love. We are not afraid to innovate or to be different. We believe our passion gives our products an energy that transfers to every recipient.


This Japanese term reflects the beauty of impermanence and imperfection in nature. We love that each of our hand-drawn creations will always feel perfectly imperfect.


From the first ink-and-watercolour drafts in the studio to the final product being shipped out the door, our high standards for a quality product are nearing on obsessive.

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