Wholesale Starter Collections

Dear Retailer,

We are so happy to welcome you to the Gotamago family!

In case you need a little help getting started, we've put together some collections of best-selling Gotamago products. To peruse the rest of the Gotamago collection, please see our current catalogue, or order via our wholesale form.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@gotamago.com. We look forward to working with you!


  1. Choose a list (or multiple lists!) that you'd like to order.
  2. Copy and paste the entire list into an email to info@gotamago.com. Please include the quantities that you would like of each item.
  3. Make sure that the total meets the $150 order minimum for first orders, and $100 minimum for reorders. 
  4. Send it off and you're done! We will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm that we've received your order.

All Star

All Star Cards

Our favourite all-time bestsellers!

  1. [productpop linktext="#1471-B Rarest Birthday Card" price="wholesale" id="361405457"]
  2. [productpop linktext="#1486 Better with Age Card" price="wholesale" id="405203064"]
  3. [productpop linktext="#17132 Llama Birthday Card" price="wholesale" id="8812714898"]
  4. [productpop linktext="#1597 Dim Sum Birthday Card" price="wholesale" id="781891204"]
  5. [productpop linktext="#15101 Paper Crane Sympathy Card" price="wholesale" id="1091007493"]
  6. [productpop linktext="#16114 Thankful Toast Card" price="wholesale" id="5457037957"]
  7. [productpop linktext="#17137 Roses Congratulations Card" price="wholesale" id="9594092178"]
  8. [productpop linktext="#1590 Ramen & Gyoza Card" price="wholesale" id="403237108"]
  9. [productpop linktext="#1307 One Pho Me Card" price="wholesale" id="271480909"]
  10. [productpop linktext="#18154 Juniper Peace" price="wholesale" id="1420292718615"]
  11. [productpop linktext="#15105 Holiday Antlers Card" price="wholesale" id="2486367941"]
  12. [productpop linktext="#16110 Origami Elephants Card" price="wholesale" id="5452051333"]
  1. [productpop linktext="#16128 B-side Birthday" price="wholesale" id="8562519826"]
  2. [productpop linktext="#1471-B Rarest Birthday" price="wholesale" id="361405457"]
  3. [productpop linktext="#1597 Dim Sum Birthday" price="wholesale" id="781891204"]
  4. [productpop linktext="#1324-HB Birthday Leaves" price="wholesale" id="361447129"]
  5. [productpop linktext="#17132 Llama Birthday" price="wholesale" id="8812714898"]
  6. [productpop linktext="#18153 Bookworm Birthday" price="wholesale" id="1419761549335"]
  7. [productpop linktext="#18150 Poppies Birthday" price="wholesale" id="1419727929367"]
  8. [productpop linktext="#1486 Better with Age" price="wholesale" id="405203064"]
  1. [productpop linktext="#1471-B Rarest Birthday" price="wholesale" id="361405457"]
  2. [productpop linktext="#1597 Dim Sum Birthday" price="wholesale" id="781891204"]
  3. [productpop linktext="#17130 Bibimbap Heart" price="wholesale" id="8812871058"]
  4. [productpop linktext="#1590 Ramen & Gyoza" price="wholesale" id="403237108"]
  5. [productpop linktext="#1307 One Pho Me" price="wholesale" id="8563381138"]
  6. [productpop linktext="#N801 Artichoke Notepad" price="wholesale" id="524827787287"]
  7. [productpop linktext="Hello Sweetness Card" price="wholesale" id="3960719212567"]
  8. [productpop linktext="#18147 Baby Bao" price="wholesale" id="1418608967703"]
Holiday Season
  1. [productpop linktext="#18154 Juniper Peace" price="wholesale" id="1420292718615"]
  2. [productpop linktext="#17139-A Twelve Days of Christmas Accordion" price="wholesale" id="3965161537559"]
  3. [productpop linktext="#1485 Holiday Spirits" price="wholesale" id="382643612"]
  4. [productpop linktext="#MC-04 New Year Treats - Monarch Card" price="wholesale" id="3960833572887"]
  5. [productpop linktext="#15100 Wonton Christmas" price="wholesale" id="1091098245"]
  6. [productpop linktext="15105 Holiday Antlers" price="wholesale" id="2486367941"]
  7. [productpop linktext="#1483 Sweater Llama" price="wholesale" id="382644676"]
  8. [productpop linktext="#18155 Figure Skate Wreath" price="wholesale" id="1420313067543"]
  1. [productpop linktext="#1322 Travel Often" price="wholesale" id="361222029"]
  2. [productpop linktext="#1326 The World is Waiting" price="wholesale" id="361444677"]
  3. [productpop linktext="#1459 Follow Your Arrow" price="wholesale" id="361449177"]
  4. [productpop linktext="#18145Cosmos Thinking of You" price="wholesale" id="524696780823"]
  5. [productpop linktext="#G-204 Bicycle Tags" price="wholesale" id="453902300"]
  6. [productpop linktext="#OP-301M Lifecycle - Offset Print 8x10" price="wholesale" id="5586565701"]
  7. [productpop linktext="#15102-A New York Skyline Accordion" price="wholesale" id="5580388229"]
  8. [productpop linktext="#N803 Wandercat Lined Notepad" price="wholesale" id="524975767575"]
Book Lover
  1. [productpop linktext="#18146 Reading Nook" price="wholesale" id="1418580295703"]
  2. [productpop linktext="#1598 Classy Cat Birthday" price="wholesale" id="781880004"]
  3. [productpop linktext="#N807 Fountain Pen Notepad" price="wholesale" id="1495739465751"]
  4. [productpop linktext="#18153 Bookworm Birthday" price="wholesale" id="1419761549335"]
  5. [productpop linktext="#18151 Owl Thanks" price="wholesale" id="1419751063575"]
  6. [productpop linktext="#15108 WanderCat" price="wholesale" id="2486550661"]
  7. [productpop linktext="#PC-720 Moby Dick Postcard" price="wholesale" id="1424435052567"]
  8. [productpop linktext="#MIN-05 Bookcat - Mini Note Sets" price="wholesale" id="3960314167319"]
  9. [productpop linktext="#AP-343M Canadian Typewriter Archival Print 8x10" price="wholesale" id="1585650466839"]
  1. [productpop linktext="#17133 Bestie Birthday" price="wholesale" id="9479269970"]
  2. [productpop linktext="#1598 Classy Cat Birthday" price="wholesale" id="781880004"]
  3. [productpop linktext="#T-405 Cat & Dog Petting Eco-Tote Bag" price="wholesale" id="698120516"]
  4. [productpop linktext="#OP-302M Dog Petting - Offset Print 8x10" price="wholesale" id="5581366469"]
  5. [productpop linktext="#1477 Woof-tastic Birthday" price="wholesale" id="361215269"]
  6. [productpop linktext="#18140 Purr-fect Spoon" price="wholesale" id="522423238679"]
  7. [productpop linktext="#T-404 Alphabet Dogs Jumbo Tote Bag" price="wholesale" id="654344192023"]
  8. [productpop linktext="#G-203 Cat Tags" price="wholesale" id="453899088"]