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Autumn Blaze Fair Trade Organic Coffee Beans

This seasonal blend roast is a smooth and easy-drinking blend of coffee from Sumatra. Certified Fair Trade and Organic, this  medium-dark roast coffee features tasting notes of cacao nibs and vanilla, with a pleasant earthy body.

 Roasted and packaged in Toronto, Canada, by Outpost Coffee Roasters.

*Unfortunately, we are only able to ship this product to Canadian customers at this time. 


The Roasters

Outpost Coffee Roasters is a Toronto-based specialty-grade small batch, craft coffee roastery. While other companies seek to deliver a product that looks and tastes the same at any time of year and every location, Outpost embraces seasonality, uniqueness and innovation, and is proudly part of a movement that treats coffee like a fine wine, not simply a commodity. Outpost celebrates the differences and strive to maintain the uniqueness of each individual crop.


The crop

Coffees from the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra are valued for their complex fruit, earth and aromatic wood notes that result largely from unorthodox fruit removal and drying practices called “wet hulling.” This coffee is a particularly refined example of the type, produced in the Takengon highlands of Aceh Province above Lake Tawar by the Koptan Gayo Megah Berseri Company from heirloom Bourbon and local Ateng varieties of Arabica.

Koptan Gayo Megah Berseri is a cooperative based in the Jagong province in northern Indonesia. The cooperative began as part of an initiative of a local exporter called CV Sumatera Jaya Kopi based in the Jagong area. The cooperative is placed at an altitude of 1,400 – 1,700 m.

People in this area were resettled here by the Indonesian transmigration program. More than 2/3 of the inhabitants are originally from Java and some from Aceh. Agriculture is the main source of income for the people who are traditional small coffee producers. The cooperative has 554 members, of which 211 are women.

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