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Red Cloisonne Enamel Drop Earrings

These vintage red cloisonne enamel drop earrings are elegant and and easy to pair.

Cloisonne is a technique of enameling in which thin wires are used to block in different glass enamel colors so they don't flow together and mix during the firing process. The technique has been traced as far back as Ancient Egypt and has been adopted by many cultures throughout history.

The 1920's brought cloisonne enamel to a new height of popularity with exciting and exotic designs from the Orient taking center stage in home decor and fashion. Japan and China are still the largest producers of this ancient and wonderful style of enameling.

Sadly this art form is dying out, it requires very skilled artists and many hours to complete. Many of the old producers are retiring or moving away from jewelry and into vessels as they are much more profitable.

  • Full length of earrings 3/4", plus the tarnish free brass, nickel free hooks
  • Beads have an image on both sides

Handmade in Dundas, Canada by Curious Oddities.

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