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Dim Sum Postcard Book

The entire menu of delicious Dim Sum postcards in one gift-able book! 

Set of eight beautifully illustrated post-cards, each uniquely depicting the following tasty treats: 1) Egg Tart, 2) BBQ Pork Bun, 3) Salty Dumplings with Pork, 4) Sesame Balls, 5) Shrimp Dumpling, 6) Siu Mai Pork Dumpling, 7) Turnip Cake and 8) Taro Dumpling.

  • standard postcard size (4"x 6")
  • Glued on one edge for easy tear-off and zero-waste packaging
  • Includes classic postcard guides on back of each card for addressing
  • Offset printed in Toronto on beautiful, heavyweight paper, suitable for fountain pens


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